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If you need free advertising for your web site then try placing your banner
with us and we will distrbute your banner on other web sites for free.
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Trade Banner Ads

A Banner Rotation Service

Free Advetising


We offer one of the highest of visits to exposure ratio in the banner exchange industry. You get 50% more exposure with us. Most banner exchanges will give a banner exposure rate of 2:1 ( 1 exposure per 2 visitors ) we give you 5:4 ( 4 exposures per 5 visitors). You get 60% more exposure with us. Click here to start getting your free advertising

GET 500 FREE CREDITS. When you join the banner exchange program and we activate your account you get 500 free credits.

Banner Sizes. We accept the largest byte size banners in the banner exchange industry. A whopping 26k!

 You must put our code on a page that can be found through a link on your home page or you must put our code on your home page.

Links: After you have been a memeber in good standing for 3 months simply notify us and we will put your link on our links page

No Sex Sites, No Hate Sites Allowed

Affiliate Program


Our affiliate program is designed to give you 250,000 banner advertising exposures. Thats a quarter of a million times your banner will show up for free on other web sites. That means your banner gets to appear on members web sites 250,000 times. Giving you a great oppertunity for your web site to gain traffic. This is a 2 tier affiliate program. 250,000 free banner ads at first level, 50,000 free banner ads on second level..


Getting the most out of your banner program

  1. Place our banner code on as many pages possible. This will give you an extra edge over other people and more advertising credits which means more exposure for you.
  2. Don't put our banner code on a page in which the link for that page can not be found on your home page.
  3. Don't put our banner code on a page that has no content or informative text and has nothing but banner codes from other exchanges. After all who's going to find these pages anyway. You want your account to accumilate as many points as possible. So please put our banner code on a page that has a lot of traffic.
  4. DO place our banner code at the top of your page. Can be anywhere but at top is best.
  5. Submit your site to search engines.
  6. FREE - If you have a free service be sure to say that on your banner.
  7. Does your banner say what it should to attract people?
  8. DO join other banner programs
  9. The Internet will not make you rich fast. But to get rich you need to
    establish long term relationships with other web sites. The more the better and choose wisely.
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Get Your Free Banner


In order to advertise, you need a banner. The following are places you can go to get your free banner and have it designed in almost any way you wish.

Banner Chief

For highest quality banners
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