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Pay Per Click


50% Commission


We are developing a new system where paying advertisers can bid on key words to target their advertisement to certain participating web sites and you the affiliate can earn commissions every time their ad is clicked on.


How does it work?

Basically the system works just like Google Adsense except Google doesn't display your ad for free for helping them displaying their advertisers advertisements. All you get from Google is a commission in a form of a check. Not only will we give you a check but we will display your ad for free and it doesn't matter if it's a banner or a text ad.

You the affiliate by creating an account and uploading a banner, rich media or text ad for what ever advertisement you want to use we will display your ad on other web sites for people to see so that people can click on them and to take people to your web site. All for free.

Also by joining our affiliate program you will receive 25% commission on new advertising sales to us.


The paying advertiser who buys ad space in a form of key word bidding will target their ads to web sites that contain subject matter of the keywords they chose. When a viewer goes to your web site and sees our advertisers ad and clicks on it you will receive 50% commission on the value of that ad. If the advertiser paid $0.76 for that ad you will then receive $0.38 commission. For helping us displaying our advertisers ads we will display your ad for FREE! Yes that’s right, we will display your ad for free just by helping us distributing our advertisers advertisements.

 You will be able to put your advertising code in your email newsletters and archived newsletters. This way people will read your newsletters and you can generate income from clicks. In the case of inserting your code in newsletter it will only work on web-based emails such as yahoo and hotmail and the like it will not work on mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook Express.

The ad you get to display for free on other web sites can be a banner ad static or animation in gif, jpg, rich media, or text.


This will be ready in February 2006


In the mean time you can join our current banner program system, which is free to you.


I want to be notified when your system goes online because I want to make money.

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